3PL Solutions: Understanding what they can do for your Business

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One of the major problems facing manufacturers of any product is that of how to distribute their wears efficiently and effectively. For many businesses, especially new ones, the costs and complications of small and large scale logistics can be a deal breaker for the company since seeing to the maintenance of deliveries can yield plenty of unexpected issues which can completely cripple your project. But you are not a logistics company, and so you are not expected to be able to get this right. Logistics is big business, and can’t really be conducted as a side-part of your business without bringing forward some unnecessary complications. This is exactly why so many businesses are reaping the rewards of using a third party logistics company to take the strain for them.


3PL keeps you focused

Let’s face it, you’re not a logistics company, so the likelihood of you having the ability to manage the deliveries to and from your business, within your private capacity, is probably limited when compared to companies that specialise in it. You know that keeping your business thriving is a complicated and stressful series of tasks that require your undivided attention. Wouldn’t you rather be focused on your businesses core needs than the movement of materials and stock? Enlisting in the aid of 3PL companies is a great way to make sure that the essential transport needs of your business are seen to, without you having to sacrifice focus on the efficient running of your business.


3PL saves you time

Managing the efficient transport of goods is very time consuming. It requires lots of planning, constant maintenance and effortful tracking of where your goods are going, when they will get there and how they are received. These processes take up a lot of time, time you just don’t have if you are trying to run a successful business. Getting help from a third party logistics company will undoubtedly save you lots of time, which means you can concentrate more on your own work.


3PL saves you money

The cost of transporting goods, even to nearby locations, is often underestimated by business owners who need to deliver products or receive materials. When you look closely, there is plenty of expenditure which needs to be factored in. For instance, the price of fuel, vehicles, insurance, tolls and taxes, and maintenance can amount to far more than you expected and are willing to pay. Third party logistics companies have the management of such expenses down to a fine science because that is their business. This means that even with the added cost for their services, the chances are good that the prices will still be significantly lower than they would have been in you opted to take care of deliveries by yourself.


3PL gives you a greater radius of influence

Running your own business requires your constant attention, which means that you can’t really afford to be away from it for extended periods of time. This can be very limiting for those who wish to sell their products across a very large area, like a state or a country. Never mind the costs, time investment, or attention to be paid when transporting goods cross country; the complications it will bring about means you will spend less time running the business, and more time on the road making deliveries. A good 3PL service should be perfectly capable of making long hall and local trips to deliver your goods at a reasonable cost. This means you will spend more time with your business, where you are needed.

So why go at it alone? Outsourcing logistics needs is a brilliant way to offer national or international services, no matter how small your business or product line is. Third party logistics services are meant for those who can’t afford to compete with international brands when it comes to distribution, like a big brother with a car, for young businesses who can’t afford their own, and established ones who see why it is wise not to.

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