Marketing Videos That Every Brand Needs

People are lazy. They would rather watch a video than read an article. That’s why your brand needs marketing videos. You can reach more customers and sell more products when you deliver your message through short, targeted video segments. Here are five types of marketing videos that every brand needs to try.


Company Intro or About Videos

Videos are a great tool for introducing customers to your brand. In 90 seconds or less, highlight everything that your company does and what makes you stand out. Intro videos are also a great place to show your company culture and values to help customers relate better to your brand.
Make sure to include a soft sell in your intro video that invites customers to take a closer look at your products and services. The About page on your website is an excellent place to embed your intro video, but you can also publish it to your YouTube channel and other media outlets. This is the first video you should create when you’re new to video marketing.


Product Demonstration Videos

It’s important to show your customers the problems that your products and services solve. This education is often what causes customers to act and make a purchase. Demonstration videos should show how your products work, as well as all of their special functions. Make sure that you also explain what makes your products better than all of your competitors’. Product demonstration videos are powerful selling tools. For best success, include a call-to-action that creates urgency and really entices customers to make a purchase.


Testimonial or Case Study Videos

Customers often look for ratings and reviews before they buy a product. That’s why testimonial videos are so helpful. They show your customers what others are saying about your products and services. The best part is that you get to pick which customer testimonials to include so that your products and services are always portrayed in a positive light. Case study videos do the same thing. Use the testimonial video in conjunction with your product demonstration video to get the most value out of these marketing efforts.


Leadership and Resource Videos

Not all of your marketing videos should be blatantly promotional. Instead, it’s better to add in a mix of videos that show your industry expertise. These can be in the form of news videos, how-to videos, tips and tricks videos, or simple resource videos. Send out these thought leadership videos to customers on your email lists and use them on your blog. It’s hard to sell your products and services if you don’t first show that you’re an authority.


Sales Teaser Videos

One of the most successful types of marketing videos is the teaser. What you do is create buzz around your products or services in your video, but leave out one of two key things that customers would want to know. Then, this makes the customer take action and come to your website or business to learn more. When customers become proactive in searching for information, they are more likely to make a purchase. Just make sure that the information your customers are seeking is easy to find.

There are lots of other types of videos you can try in your marketing campaigns, but these five are the ones that you should try first. You’ll probably be surprised at the interest your marketing videos create for your products and services.

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