Hit Your Strategy Right Out of the Park with a Smart Exhibition Stand

Image by S C Hargis via Flickr

While corporate institutions seem to be fixated on new modern ways of engaging with their audience, employing and testing such as social media, mobile applications, and the like –there is one staple that seems to have been all but forgotten in the commercial event industry: Exhibition stands.

Sadly, far too many businesses have taken their chances with hype-heavy social media “rock stars” and gurus, or have made an earnest approach with new emerging technologies only to slip up and suffer for it.

The return on new marketing technologies are hit or miss –however there is one staple that provides proven results year after year, fad after fad, trend after social media platform trend, and it’s called an exhibition stand.

We won’t call an exhibition stand your silver bullet, but we can truthfully report that exhibition stands are reliably bringing focus to brands year in, year out on a repeatable basis; can your social media campaign do that?

Instead, combining online social media campaigns with your physical exhibition stand may prove more prudent –which can be done by encouraging exhibition stand guests to “check in” on popular social media channels.

But, back to exhibition stands themselves.

Exhibition stands can greatly contribute to the success of your brand at major events, so we thought we’d highlight a few of their strengths to prompt you to pick up the phone and contact your local exhibition stand contractor.


Exhibition Stands Get Personal

An exhibition stand can really peel back the layers of an inhuman corporate façade to demonstrate the culture, values, and personality of your organisation. Equipped with friendly staff, refreshments, plush carpet and comfortable seating; an exhibition stand can create a welcoming atmosphere to conduct business.


Exhibition Stands are Proven

On average, 88% of all tradeshow visitors are likely to conduct business on-site, right there at your exhibition stand. Do you think they will do so in a cramped environment with no seating, poor lighting, and no reason to stick around?

You have less than 5 seconds to make a positive impression, and in such a short time that may also be a feat that cannot be done by a sales person alone. Your exhibition stand speaks volumes from a distance, through a crowd, and its visual appearance can entice guests from all corners of any given event. 30% of event-goers never even see your sales personnel.


Break Their Plans

Most visitors come to a commercial event or trade show with a fixed agenda and there’s no better way to slip into that agenda than to offer reprieve from the event with refreshments and must-see attractions.

Another potent way to generate advance interest in your booth and ensure you’re on every visitor’s agenda is to send a mail-out prior to the event. This is a simple tactic employed by 60% of the most successful companies in the world.


An Excuse to Take a Day Off?

There are two incredibly dismal tradeshow exhibition stand statistics that make CEO’s shudder –after all that work and investment; a whopping 80% of leads acquired at a networking event are never followed up with, and less than 20% of companies measure the ROI from their in-person tradeshow presence.

So, what are company staff members doing, exactly? Hosting an exhibition stand can be a real great opportunity for brands to shine and succeed, as long as your staff members plan hard. Otherwise your company is just giving them a really expensive day off from the office.

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