5 Easy Tips to Help You Save Money This Summer

Sometimes exploring your city can be delightful, yet costly. Here are easy ways to save money and enjoy some quality time with your family.


Prepare your meals

Preparing meals before you go on your favourite family trip is a good way to cut the cost and health hazards of buying fast food. Making your own lunch can be a fun project for you and the kids before you set off to the park, museum, beach or on a road trip. Also buying ice cream bars and/or making your own sundaes beforehand will prevent you from having to shop at the ice cream truck.


Have a cook out

Having a reason to cook on the grill is always a plus in my eyes! Cooking inside creates more heat inside and who needs that, with the already booming heat indexes of the summer? Creating more heat insides means having to use more AC also. Air conditioners account for about 70% of most energy bills in the summer. Cooking outside will allow you to raise the temperature of the AC or to cut the amount of usage per day, lowering your energy bill. That means more money in your pocket.


Get passes

Most museums, movie theatres and aquariums have local passes that either cut the cost of general admission for the entire family or wave the price of general admission. You can sometimes find these passes in your local public library. I believe each state varies so be sure to call your local library or search online to be sure where you can find these passes.


Search for cheaper gas prices

There are local gas stations that offer gas prices a little lower than some in your area, even if it’s just a couple of cents off that will add up per mile. There are also some websites that you can search that will direct you in the right direction towards lower priced gas stations. Also most grocery stores and some gas stations offer reward cards that allow you to earn points towards free gas or cents off per gallon of gas depending on how much you spend.


Have a camping trip in your own back yard

Camping can be very fun, yet stressful and it can get expensive. Camping in your own backyard not only saves you money, but is a fun and safe way for the kids to enjoy their own surroundings. Have them invite over some friends and toast marshmallows and tell camp fire stories all in the comfort of their backyard!

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