Saving Money over the Christmas Season

The Christmas season is upon us once again. I’m not sure about you, but to me it seems to come around faster and faster each year. I also seem to be able to spend more and more money each year. So this year I am going to be making a conscious effort to cut back on the spending by following a few rules.


1 – Stop giving so many presents each year

Something my wife and I have decided on for Christmas this year, is to not give as many presents. Over the last few years we have been giving to so many people that Christmas has stopped being fun and is now just one big shopping trip where we spend a heap of money.

Instead, this year we are trying to arrange for all of our friends to give to charities instead of giving each other gifts. The idea is that we can all save some money and do something good at the same time.


2 – Shop for gifts frugally

Despite wanting to do away with gift giving altogether, there will always be some people you will have to buy gifts for. As an example – I can’t wait to buy my son his Christmas present, but I won’t be spending a fortune on it, particularly when he is just as happy playing with the box as the actual toy inside.


3 – Don’t buy as much food

It doesn’t seem to matter if we host the party of if we go somewhere else – we always end up spending heaps of food. The real kicker is that every year there is so much food that gets wasted that it just doesn’t make sense to buy as much as we do each year.

I want to make sure that we save as much money as possible at the grocery store and that we don’t spend any more than we need to this year.


4 – Drink less Alcohol

Alcohol isn’t cheap and so giving it away, or at the very least, reducing my normal Christmas intake will be a really easy way to cut back the amount of money we will be spending this Christmas season.


5 – Drive Less

Each year it seems like my wife and I have to drive half way around the country just to see all the different relatives. This year we have decided that we will be setting up camp in the one location, and if people want to see us then they know where to find us. Hopefully this will mean that we both enjoy Christmas more this year, and we can save money on fuel.

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