7 Strategic Ways of Marketing Your Agency (Without spending too much!)

Seeking the help of an agency to finish a workload can be more practical and cost-savvy than hiring a single freelancer to finish it. So, if you are working with an agency, you may be one of the people who are having trouble in promoting and selling the quality services that your team offers.

Here are few easy yet strategic ways to help you out to further market your agency without spending a lot!


1. Find Your Focus: Identifying target audience

Finding your focus means identifying the right target audience to effectively and efficiently market your agency. That’s one simple tactic! Say your agency caters for the needs of the web design industry; your agency should be marketing to groups of web designers. You aren’t going to market your agency to the mechanics group, are you? 


2. State Your Purpose & Mission

Purpose and Mission can sometimes be intertwined but there’s actually a big difference between the two. Purpose states why you do what you do, while mission states how you do what you do. It is your guide to actually hit your purpose. It gives you and your team a similar viewpoint towards the success of your agency.


3. Outwit Others Through Right Positioning

Try to ask yourself, why would people choose your agency over the other? Of course because you provide web development, SEO/SEM, brand identity, etc. But the other agencies provide what you can. Same position, same offerings, same outcomes. You don’t just offer the best, but you make a difference among the best! You have a direction and don’t just wait for the right outcome, you guarantee the outcome. To ensure you find the right positioning, try to assess your agency’s strengths and weaknesses.


4. Make Use of Social-Media Sites

Social media sites are the most common and useful tool to market your agency. Advertising can help your agency to be exposed to an entirely new audience through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. With the right approach, this could make a difference! Your social media accounts are an extension of your brand, so make sure that you handle them differently than you would handle your personal profiles.

Open new Twitter and Facebook accounts and only use these profiles for business-related communications. It is also important to remember, however, that your personal accounts are not completely isolated from your business because both are an extension of you. There is always the chance that a colleague or client could come across your personal social media profiles, so keep your personal accounts as work-safe as possible.


5. Create a Conversation-Focused Website

When you create a website, spend time perfecting the layout and visual integration of information. The information should be interesting and engaging enough for your potential and current clients. Forums and testimonials are effective ways to assess the satisfaction of your clients, use this feedback to help you determine the things that you need to retain or improve. 


6. Attracting

Attracting businesses and clients will help you grow your agency’s services and responsibilities. The question is, “how”? Establishing authority is one way. Generating leads is another. Generating leads is connected to tactic #1 which is finding your focus. You don’t have to pay high-rated individuals to generate your leads. You, together with your team, can generate leads by choosing the right target audience. You can generate better leads by establishing authority. This authority can be obtained by gaining trust from your current and future clients. And how to do that? Be honest and stop misleading! 


7. Time-Management Tracking

Now that you are successful in marketing your agency and you have gained a lot of clients, it’s not yet time to relax! Rather, it’s time to double your efforts and keep track of time management. Wrong time-management can cause downfall to your agency. Do not make time an excuse for not creating content because that might be the biggest mistake you’ll ever make!

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