How To Sell Concert And Sport Tickets Online

Are you struggling to get your tickets sold? Whether it’s concerts or sporting events, selling online is a powerful way to turn seats into cold hard cash. Whether it’s a basement concert with 100 people or a sports match that will see 50,000 crammed into a stadium, here’s how you can effectively sell them online.

Post to the secondary market
The ticket market is divided into two halves: the primary and the secondary market. Primary ticket vendors are the original source of the tickets: the box office at the venue, websites like Ticketmaster, or the band (for a concert), among others.

Secondary sellers are people reselling tickets, hopefully at a profit. They use websites like Ticketbis to list the tickets which they’ve purchased from a primary seller and advertise them to concert- or match-goers who are looking for a great seat.

Secondary ticket sales sites make it possible to reach a huge number of ticket buyers, since they bring together many different ticket sellers in one place. More than 100,000 people have sold their tickets over Ticketbis, for example, which is a huge draw for buyers — it means they have an excellent chance at finding exactly what they want, rather than having to “make do” with what they find on a smaller site.

Develop an email list of buyers
Ideally you want to have an email list of people you know are interested in the kinds of tickets you sell. Why is this? Because these people (who have purchased from you before) are much more likely to buy from you again. Sending out a single email to the people who’ve bought from you in the past can trigger a mini-avalanche of ticket purchases.

Put advertisements in your signature
If you’re doing ticketing online with Ticketbis or a similar site, you can ensure every email you send has a link to buy your tickets. It’s a simple trick, but who knows who might be interested — why not make your emails sell for you?

Sell early, sell often
Often the price and demand for tickets will decline over time after the event ticket sales have opened, as people who want tickets get theirs. (The exception is for certain small and highly in-demand events, such as smaller concerts.)

Therefore, make sure to get your tickets up for sale as soon as possible. It can even help to offer an “early buyer” discount to buyers who buy immediately as soon as you put your tickets on offer.

Harness the influencing power of social media
Are there any well-known influential people you know? The best way to use social media to promote your tickets is by reaching out to “influencers” and asking or inducing them to promote you. A single but well-timed update which links back to your tickets can be highly beneficial.

Similarly, engage with your customers on social media as much as you can. Think about running a competition that lets them win a prize by sharing posts via Facebook or retweeting your tweets. In fact, this can be an excellent way to get rid of tickets which seem hard to sell.

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