Top Leadership Qualities for Successful Business

To run a successful business, there is a requirement of many elements, including of carrying leadership quality. A leader is someone who projects confidence in self and adds the same on subordinates. There are many inspirational books dedicated to the growing power of leadership. One such book comes from John.H. Binkley Jr– Character is King: God’s Destination for You”, which explores the core values and principles of becoming a good leader.

John has earned a reputed name in the field of philanthropy and is an international ambassador Jesus Christ for more than 20yrs. He visited 60 countries and worked on 100 missions. In the year 1987, he founded Generational Equity, a merger and acquisition advisory company and has successfully helped many companies in merging. Dr. Binkley Jr. is a Doctorate Degree in Ministry awardee from The Phoenix University of Theology. His missionary works includes:

  • Here’s Life Africa
  • Iran Alive Ministers
  • Christian Cultural Center -NYC

Coming back to the leadership quality skill, this article presents you with points on how an individual can bring success to the company through quality leadership:

Self- Awareness:

Every individual is aware of weakness and strong points, and uses the opportunity accordingly. The leader needs to have enough confidence to work on strengths and correct the flaws. Self- awareness on certain things is one such way of good leadership quality.


Sharp Perception:

One of the qualities of leader is to have a sharp perception towards organization and people around. The leader should carry honest communication with teams and other department to understand how they are perceived. If you want to know about what people think about them, have a healthy conversation.


Knowing the Organization Well:

If you want to run your organization as a leader, then make sure you analyse your firm and its object well. Know the overall purpose and goals, and the strategies to work on these goals. Having a full knowledge of your organization both inside- and-outsides is vital to become a good leader.


Focusing on the Task:

A vital role of the leader is to focus on particular task given by the top level management. Leaders must see the project with perfection and should have the ability to guide the team for the success of the project.

Following the above points as an organizational program, will certainly help in creating a good leadership quality in self. To get more knowledge about the leadership, read Dr. Binkley’s book which is also a required reading for Masters and Doctoral degree programs in Phoenix University of Theology. It is important to study and analyse things that are needed to be a good leader that can help you and your company to grow.

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