Different Ways to Protect an Engine

When it comes to maintaining the car engine, we generally avoid keeping it healthy. We hop into the car, turn on the engine and ride. The only time we consider checking the engine is when there is a problem while running or consuming too much of fuel. It is important to have a regular check over the engine so that can stay healthy for long run. Engine is the life of the vehicle, and if it faces any problem the performance of the vehicle gets affected. It is important to seek professional advice regarding the maintenance of the engine. At petroleum wholesale Houston, you can seek advice from experts who can help you perfect tips on maintaining the car engine for long run.


Let us now check top 7 tips to maintain car engine:

Changing Oil on the Regular Basis:

It is an important part to keep your vehicle in good condition. Oil keeps the vital part of the engine lubricated. However, before changing the oil, you need to seek the suggestions from the car manufacturer.


Check the cooling system:

Every vehicle has a cooling system which includes radiator, thermostat, water pump and coolant. If the cooling system is perfect, then your vehicle won’t be facing overheating issue.


Proper Air Flow:

Apart from proper fuel consumption, it is important to keep the engine running. The engine should get proper air flow without restriction and debris. It has an air filter which can get clogged due to insertion of dirt. While changing the oil keep a look at the air-filter and clean it.


Inspect if there is any Leak:

There are internal parts including the engine and other area where leakages take place. Do check if oil and antifreeze aren’t leaking. Periodic check of the vehicle through mechanic will certainly help. Any minor leak will lead to excess in future.


Always keep Belts on:

No we’re not talking about seat belt, but about the rubber belts on engine. Belts are important aspect for vehicle engine and their main responsibilities are running the fan, water pumping and air-conditioner. As the engine keeps running, the belt also keeps running. If there is any slight crack on the belt then it’s time to replace it with the new.


Give attention to Automotive Warning Lights:

If you are negotiating the automotive warning lights then it can lead to serious problem. Apart from regular light, there are other lights that indicate the problem. These warnings are about problems in battery, engine temperature and other areas.


Replacing the Fuel Filter:

Fuel filters are important part of vehicle protecting engine from harmful sediments and particles in gas. If you haven’t changed the filter in recent times, then it’s time to do one. Replacing the old with the new one will help in keeping the gas flowing into engine clean.

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