Here Are 10 Highly Profitable & Low Cost Business Ideas to Inspire You

If you are thinking of starting a small profitable business but have insufficient financial resources, here are 10 business ideas that are easy to initiate and require the least finances. Before you start however, make sure that you have set up a current account where you can record and keep track of your finances and expenses.


House Cleaner

If you do not mind doing some house cleaning for money, this is the opportunity for you. Many people want to live in a clean house but cannot get themselves to do the cleaning. All you need is a vacuum cleaner and a cleaning detergent.



With the decrease in funding for public schools and many parents who cannot afford extra tutoring for their children, this is a good opportunity for you to step in and offer your services. You can opt to teach from your home or from the student’s home. You can also teach online using Skype.


Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is similar to an office assistant only that they do not work with their boss face to face but communicate by means of a phone, web conference or email. Virtual assistants work on a contract basis from home and offer services such as market research, book keeping and technology troubleshooting.


Online Retailer

It is very easy and cheap to start an online business. For example, you can start a store on eBay and find clients for your goods for only $20 every month.


Tour Guide Operator

If you know the way around your town, then you can act as a tour guide for visitors. Your main costs will go in to marketing and advertising your services.


Home Chef

Many families do not have time to make their own meals. If you are good at cooking, you can prepare meals for them. All you need is to rent the basic equipment and purchase some supplies.


Event Organiser

If you are a social person, then you qualify as an event organiser. Your responsibilities will be finding entertainment, employing a caterer, choosing the interior design for the occasion and contacting rental companies.


Wellness Instructor

A huge majority of people are struggling with weight problems, which makes the fitness industry a lucrative business opportunity. You do not need to buy expensive machines to start; you can train clients from your local gym, the park or from your home compound.


Child Care

If you are experienced in baby sitting or are good with children, this is a business opportunity that could earn you a lot. You may require little to no amount of capital to start.



You do not require a huge amount of capital to start a security company that will train healthy young individuals for supply to homes, companies and banks to serve as security personnel. All you need is some military experience, business management skills and a solid business plan.


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