How cashing coins has changed since I was a boy

Do you remember how people used to count coins when they wanted to have the cashed and deposited to their bank account? I do, and it was very different to the way they do things today. The way things happen today you just need to empty your coins into a coin counter and the machine will tell you the total value of the coins you have, it’s marvelous.

It’s a long way from what I used to do when I was younger. I remember having to go to the bank and collect money bags for each different type of coin I was planning on cashing in. From there, I would count the coins and bag them. Once a bag held the required amount (from memory I think it was either $5 or $10), you would need to start on the next bag until everything was counted.

It was terribly painful, took a very long time, and to be honest, I didn’t ever see a lot of point in it. You see, once everything was all counted out and bagged, the coins were handed over to the clerk and they would weigh each type of coin to come to the correct number.

I love the way it’s done now, so quick and efficient and the money gets paid out in notes right there and then in front of you. I only had the opportunity to use one of these new coin counting machines recently, I wasn’t keen on bagging my money, and had no idea everyday Joe’s even had access to the facilities.

So I had put off cashing in my coin collection because I didn’t want to spend the time counting coins. Apparently the machines have been available for everyone to use for years and I have just been really late to the party – who knew! Either way, I’m over the moon that things have changed, it’s now so painless to cash in those dreaded coins and start making better use of your money.

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