How to Get Accurate Car Insurance Quotes

If you look up how to save on your auto policy, you will find many articles on what elements to consider and a list of possible discounts. All of this information is very important, but with so many different local and national agencies, how do you get accurate insurance quotes from potential companies? It is not enough to know what liability and comprehensive coverage are. You should know what qualifies as a good policy and how to get a dependable estimate from the myriad of providers you will contact.


1. Know What You Want and Need

The definition of good car insurance varies from individual to individual. Research common plan components and seriously consider what is best for you. You should feel confident that you can handle the financial costs of an accident and that you are not overpaying for coverage. Do not conform your policy based on what an agency offers. Instead, find a firm that can give you what you want. You may not end up with the lowest rate, but you will get more accurate insurance quotes for effective policies.


2. Include Applicable Discounts

When you fill in forms for quotes, you will likely be asked about your driving history or academic enrollment. If you are a student with a clean driving record, you may be eligible for discounts. Additionally, drivers with few accidents or long standing relationships with a firm usually receive financial reductions in their coverage. As an environmentally friendly measure, some companies will give you deductions for paperless billing. For each agency you consider, find out what policy incentives are already in place and take advantage.


3. Use an Online Comparison Tool

Especially, if you do not want to continuously give out personal information such as you address or email, use an online comparison tool. These websites will give you accurate car insurance quotes without you having to sign up for newsletters or mailing lists. Plus, you can see a few companies side by side based on price and coverage. These sites can significantly decrease the amount of time you need to find multiple quotes. You can easily eliminate firms and narrow your search to two or three promising agencies.


4. Touch Base With an Agent

Once you have a handful of companies you want to consider, set up a meeting with a local agent to get accurate insurance quotes. In most cases, you get even lower rates when you talk directly to an agent, because he or she will have an intimate knowledge of the company. Discounts do not find you. You have to look for them and agents are there to help you accomplish this task. Make a little room in your schedule and set up appointments with people in your area.

The most important action you can take in this process is be honest. It is impossible to ballpark accurate insurance quotes, because the premium varies extremely from individual to individual. Your accident history, age, gender and many other personal factors affect your premiums. Additionally, not everyone will opt for add-ons like towing or rental coverage. Help your agents and yourself and answer all questions honestly for an accurate estimate.


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