Top Tips for Finding Great Hotel Deals in Cancun

Whether one is traveling for spring break, looking for an affordable family getaway or wants some time to unwind on the beach, Cancun, Mexico, is a great choice. It offers warm blue waters, sugar-fine sand on its numerous beaches, friendly locals, amazing shopping centers and a wide array of nightlife options. Those who are looking to save money on accommodations, however, will want to consider these top tips for finding the best prices on Cancun hotels and resorts.

First, travelers will find the best deals if they have flexible dates. While this may not work out well for people traveling for business conferences or over school holidays, it is often an excellent option for singles and couples who have some give in what days they take off from work. For example, simply arriving one or two weeks earlier than what was originally hoped for can take a huge chunk off a bill.

Second, along with flexible dates, travelers should consider staying in Cancun during off-peak seasons. Some of the top tourist seasons in this sunny locale include spring break, the months of February through April and over the Christmas holidays. Coming during the summer months may make for a hotter vacation but can shave hundreds off a hotel bill.

Third, travelers need to watch out for hotels that initially seem quite affordable but then ding them with extra charges. For example, many hotels now charge for the use of the fitness center or swimming pool or may charge for smaller needs, such as use of the business center or for receiving the morning paper. One of the best ways to get around this mishap can be to choose an all-inclusive Cancun resort where everything is covered in the upfront charge from meals and activities to concierge service and top-shelf drinks. However, because each resort is different, travelers should be aware of exactly what is covered before they book. For example, while some may offer child care and spa services, these extras are often not covered by the daily charge.

Fourth, those not wanting to stay at a resort should consider a two or three-star hotel rather than a four-star one. While four-star hotels often have beautiful landscaping and may offer concierge services and other amenities at an additional charge, lower star hotels typically have more free amenities, such as hot breakfasts, daily newspapers and WiFi service. Many of these three-star hotels are in the same chains as four-star hotels and may be part of loyalty programs of which travelers are already a part.

Fifth, the best way to start an affordable hotel search is to compare accommodation prices online. For example, travelers can learn more about staying in Cancun and about hotel prices by starting at a travel search site, such as Hipmunk. These sites typically list varieties of hotel and resort types while also giving traveler reviews and ratings.

Cancun is sure to charm travelers with its gorgeous beaches and many days of sunshine each year. Armed with these tips, travelers will be able to find a great hotel deal simply by taking a little extra time to search online for the best dates and rates. With most hotels located directly on the beach, vacationers can easily enjoy the sun and the surf without breaking their bank accounts.

This article was contributed by Fiona Moriarty of Hipmunk, a travel website that offers customers a fast and easy way to find the best travel deals.

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