7 Budgeting Mistakes to Avoid When Moving House

Moving home is an exciting process, but at the same time, an intimidating one if you are not fully prepared. Because there are so many moving elements involved (no pun intended), it becomes easy to lose track of things — one of which is the budget for the relocation. Here are seven common mistakes people can make when they’re moving house.

1. Not Getting the Right Moving Truck

Choosing the right moving company is crucial. Opting for a smaller vehicle can lead to more trips back and forth to finish off the move. While a larger moving truck costs more to hire, it does get the job done faster. This in turn reduces the hourly rate you pay to the moving company.

2. Not Accounting for the New Home

Moving into the new house will require you to pay upfront expenses, such as cleaning services or equipment and tools if you’re going for a DIY cleanup. You’ll also have to consider the cost of replacement items for the ones you disposed of before moving.

3. Not Letting a Professional Do the Heavy Lifting

Sure, you can save a few hundred dollars by forgoing the services of a professional moving company. The risk of damage to your possessions, however, is high. You may find yourself crashing your brand new 60-inch flat screen or ruining your imported luxury carpets. Not to mention the fact that you can do long term damage to yourself. Ensure you know the proper way to undertake heavy lifting, otherwise leave it to the professionals.

4. Not Clearing Out Some of Your Stuff

Moving is not the time to be sentimental. Sell your unnecessary items and add the money to your budget. This can help pay for a lot of other expenses you’ll incur during the move plus it reduces the items you’ll need to load and unload at your new home. Moving house is a good opportunity to clear out your unwanted junk.

5. Not Placing Labels

Moving without labels makes the process sloppy and unorganized. Put the appropriate labels on boxes so you don’t end up buying a replacement for something you still own. This can dent your already tight budget unnecessarily.

6. Not Planning Your Budget Properly

Using a mortgage finance tool provides a more accurate number on your monthly mortgage rate. If you find the number to be too high for your current budget, try to reschedule your move at a later point in time when you have the budget to do so.

7. Not Reading Contracts

Whether it’s your mortgage contract or your receipt from the moving company, you need to read the fine print clearly so that hidden fees and wrongful charges are avoided. Not reading terms and conditions are part of why families and individuals get caught in financial trouble once the expenses start popping up.


So there you have it. 7 traps that many of us fall into when undertaking the task of moving into a new house. Avoiding these mistakes will take most of the stress out of your moving day, and ensure that you’ll be all set to make your own happy memories in your new house.

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